Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

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Ives, K. Journal editor J12-19 1992-95. See Newsletters, book Written Dialects, Anthology, Bulletins.

- American Literacy Council reports J12 1992/1 p18,19, J14 1993/1 p33,34, J17 1994/2 p34, J23 1998/1 p19.

- reviews Eastman, C M. 'Language Planning: an Introduction' J6 1987/3 pp29-30.

- The Long Vowels Reconsidered J12 1992/1 pp6-8.

- reviews Cooper, R. 'Language Planning & Social Change' J12 1992/1 pp9-11.

- A Spelling Reform Program for the 1990's For English Speaking Adults J12 1992/1 pp11-13.

- Standards for spelling J13, 1992/2 p2.

- Standards Project, Ill. J14 1993/1 p36.

- Contributions of CS to broader program J14 1993/1 p19.

- Diagraming Spellings J14 1993/1 pp20-22.

- English Standards in USA J16 1994/1 p2.

- Perspectives from the IRA (International Reading Association) Convention J17 1994/2 pp35-36.

- reviews 'Issues in Education: Contributions from Educational Psychology' J18 1995/1 p42.

- reviews eds. Scott Foresman Spelling Research & Information: an overview J20 1996/1 pp29-30.

- Spelling Reform and the Deaf: a problem and a strategy J21 1997/1 p9.

Tribute Ives by Bett S. J30 2002/1 p23.