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Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society.

Contents of second (American) series J12-J19 1992-1995.

J12, J13, J14, J15, J16, J17, J18, J19.

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Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society 1992/1.
Later designated J12.

•  2. Editorials.
Articles, Review, Research
•  3. On Harmnizing Cut Spelng and New Spelling. Christopher Upward.
•  5. Important Omissions.
•  6. The Long Vowels Reconsidered. Kenneth Ives.
•  9. Language Planning and Social Change by Ralph Cooper. Review by Kenneth Ives.
•  11. A Spelling Reform for the 1990's. Kenneth Ives.
•  14. Spelling: a (French) National Sport. Susan Baddeley.
•  15. Update on the Reregulation of German. Gerhard Augst.
The American Scene
•  16. BEtSS. Publicizing Reform.
•  16. BEtSS Progress Report 1991.
•  17. A Brief History of BEtSS.
•  18. ALC. American Literacy Council.
•  19. Kanadian Langwaje. Ted Culp.
•  20. 1933 Cut Spelling? Jean Hutchins.
•  21. SSS Report on 1991 AGM.
•  22. Spelling Test for Everyone.
•  23. Memories of the SSS 50 Years Ago. Peter Hadley.
•  24. Cartoon f u cn rd ths y shd I lrn 2 spl?

Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society 1992/2.
Later designated J13.

•  2. Editorial.
Symposium on Cut Spelling
•  3. Children's Abilities and Cut Spelling Reform. Valerie Yule.
•  8. Review of Cut Spelling Handbook. Edward Rondthaler.
•  10. Rankng Visul Disturbnce of Letr Omissions. Christopher Upward.
•  11. Launching the Cut Spelling Handbook. Christopher Upward.
•  14. Review of the Process of Reform in the Simplification of Chinese Characters. Yue E Li & Christopher Upward.
•  17. Traversing the Hurdles to Simplified Spelling. Patrick Groff.
Publications Notices
•  19. N'wenglish; HESO.
•  20. Spelling Difficulties Limit Written Expression. David V Moseley.
•  21. Literacy Skills of English and Italian Children. Gwenllian Thorstad.
•  22. German and English Spelling Difficulties Compared. Text in Simplified Spelling. Christopher Upward.
•  23. The Gift by O'Henry in "Fonetic" Spelling.
•  25. Report. SSS 1992 AGM; Kanadian nuuzletter.
•  26. Letters.
•  28. Cartoon. Change in Education.

Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society 1993/1.
Later designated J14.

•  2. Editorials.
•  3. The Society's 1992 Submission to the National Curriculum Council. Christopher Upward.
•  10. Improving English Spelling for Readers: th necessity for reserch. Valerie Yule.
•  19. Contributions of Cut Spelling to Programs of Broader Reform. Kenneth Ives.
•  20. Diagramming Spelling Alternatives and Decisions. Kenneth Ives.
•  23. Developmental Spelling. Patrick Groff.
•  25. Pronunciation Models, by Adam Brown. Christopher Upward.
•  26. Crossdialectal Phonology, with application to English vowels, by Thomas Hofmann. Adam Brown.
•  28. StorySpel: Teacher's Resource Book and Whole Language Program for Infants by Brenda Bryant. Jean Hutchins.
•  29. Agiliwriting the readable shorthand of the English language by Anne Gresham. Christopher Upward.
•  33. ALC. American Literacy Council: 1992 Activities. Edward Rondthaler.
•  34. Know, Knot, Knee, Knob.
•  35. Harry Lindgren, 1912-1992. Doug Everingham.
News Briefs
•  36. English Standards Program
•  36. Whole Language in US.

Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society 1993/2.
Later designated J15.

•  2. Editorial.
•  3. The 1990 French Spelling Reform: An Example to be Followed? Susan Baddeley.
•  6. Remedial Education and a Consistent Alphabet. Ronald Threadgall.
•  7. Ilitracy in British Prisns. (Prison Reform Trust)
•  8. Some Empirical Data on the mat-mate System. Patrick Groff.
•  9. "Quite Good" or "Totaly Unacceptabl?" Christopher Upward.
•  12. Towards Roman Lipi (Scripts). Madhukar Gogate.
•  15. The Transparency of Spanish Orthography. Ian Mackenzie.
•  22. NCC. Revised Proposals for English in the National Curriculum.
•  25. SSS. The Simplified Spelling Society's Response. Christopher Upward.
•  31. "Informal" Spelling as a Way to Literacy. Edward Rondthaler.
•  32. Computers in Education. Michael Gianturco.
•  32. Dr Seuss. The Tough Coughs as he Ploughs the Dough.

Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society 1994/1.
Later designated J16.

•  2. Editorial.
•  3. Recent Spelling Research: Some Implications for Spelling Reform. Patrick Groff.
•  7. Experiments in Public Response to Surplus-cut Spellings in Text. Valerie Yule.
•  17. Regularity and Representation in Spelling: the case of Esperanto. Chris Gledhill.
•  24. The Palantype System: another readable shorthand of the English language. Patricia Thomas.
•  29. Err-Analysis, Part I: som reflections on aims, methods, limitations and importnce, with a furthr demnstration. Christopher Upward.
•  33. Cut Spelling: a handbook to the simplification of written English by the omission of redundant letters. Alice Coleman.
•  36. Three Influential books of the past decade. Chris Jolly.
•  16 From the US Department of Education.

Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society 1994/2.
Later designated J17.

•  2. Editorials.
•  3. Phonicsphobia. Joyce M Morris.
•  13. Spelling and Society: Orthography and Reading Summary of a Research Thesis. Valerie Yule.
•  21. Err Analysis, Part II: som reflections on aims, methods, limitations and importnce, with a furthr demnstration. Christopher Upward.
•  25. A Pidgin-like Bridge to English. Doug Everingham.
•  27. Introduction to the Classic Concordance of Cacographic Chaos. Christopher Upward.
•  28. The Chaos. Gerard Nolst Trenité.
•  31. Self-Proclaimed Experts Stumble. Ian Aitken.
•  31. Dislexia and Dysability. Christopher Upward.
•  32. A Smoother Path to Literacy. Edward Rondthaler.
•  33. Spelling Czecher. Chris Pomery.
•  33. BEtSS: Better Education thru Simplified Spelling Annual Meeting 1994.
•  34. An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Sound-Speler and Fonetic English in Increasing Literacy Skills. Jeffrey J Strange & John B Black.
•  34. ALC American Literacy Council: Annual Report for 1993.
•  35. Perspectives from the International Reading Association Convention. Kenneth Ives.

Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society 1995/1.
Later designated J18.

•  2. Editorials.
•  3. Building Spelling Reform's Trojan Horse. Edward Rondthaler & Joseph Little.
•  7. Ideology and Empiricism in Spelling Instruction. Patrick Groff.
•  11. "Teach Yourself to Read at Home by Video" - problems & promise. Valerie Yule.
•  19. Spelling Reform and Turkish. Nur Kurtoglu-Hooton.
•  25. Graphology and Writing Systems: the Shaw Alphabet. Alice Coleman.
•  31. SSS Letters to Policy-Makers, and Replies.
•  32. Abstract: Adaptation of Writing to Orthographic Change. John R Beech.
•  33. Spelling in the English National Curriculum (excerpts & discussion).
•  35. OFSTED reports on Standards in Education 1993-94 (excerpts & discussion).
Reviews, Commentaries, News
•  37. "No ansrs here yet" - The Basic Skills of Young Adults. Chris Upward.
•  41. Comments on Everingam's "Pidgin". Robert Craig.
•  42. Issues in Education, Vol.1, No.1. Kenneth Ives.
•  43. Litracy Standrds in English/Welsh Prisns & Colejs. Chris Upward.
•  43. Death of a Contemporary: RLP Dissolved.
•  44. Surviving the Storms Over Awful Spelling. Clinton Trowbridge.

Journal of the Simplified Spelling Society 1995/2.
Later designated J19.

•  2. Editorials.
•  3. A Survey of English Spelling by Edward Carney. Roger Mitton.
•  5. Orthografy vs. Litracy: Findings of the IEA Survey. Christopher Upward.
•  8. NCE/NFER: Standards in Literacy and Numeracy 1948-1994. Christopher Upward.
•  9. House of Lords Debate on Spelling Reform. Lord Simon of Glaisdale.
•  10. Trying our luck with IBM. Bob Brown.
•  11. Spelling Reform in the Low Countries. Harry Cohen.
•  13. The Dictionnaire Historique de l'Orthographe Française: a landmark in historical spelling research. Susan Baddeley.
•  18. German Reform: Two Years in Twilight; with Interview. translated by Margot McCaffrey.
•  21. A Scrabble Senior. Edward Rondthaler.
•  22. Handwriting, and its Relationship to Spelling. Patrick Groff.
•  26. Finding, Developing, and Testing Materials for Spelling Reform. Valerie Yule.
•  27. The 20th Century Japanese Writing System: Reform and Change. Christopher Seeley.
•  30. The Ethiopic Writing System: a Profile. Thomas Bloor.
•  Ant(h)ony.
•  Literature available.

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